Remix magic

The other day I stumbled on a remix on YouTube of two songs that led me down a rabbit hole of remixes, and then all afternoon I was like, “Jon, just one more. ONE MORE.” And he indulged me until finally he was like, “You said the last one you played was really, this time, going to be the last one, but you’re asking me if I’d like to hear another one. What is the correct answer to this question?” And then I reminded him of how many times he’s forced me to listen to his geek podcasts while we’re driving somewhere, podcasts that have made me so nuts with all the “but the button is two centimeters too far to the right” bullshit that goes on when some new piece of hardware comes out that I almost jumped out of the car in the middle of the freeway. YOU CAN BROWSE THE INTERNET ON YOUR PHONE, DUDE. SHOW UP TO MY HOUSE AND I WILL SHOW YOU WHERE YOU CAN PUT YOUR DAMN BUTTON.

I’m not going to feature all the ones I found the other day, but I will share my favorite three, all from YouTube user thriftshopxl. First up, “Toxic” by Britney Spears remixed with “Love Shack” by the B52′s.

Next, and this one is beyond brilliant and I wish I could favorite it sixteen hundred times, “Mama Said Knock You Out” by LL Cool J remixed with “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runners.

And finally, two of my most favorite songs ever both in line together: “No Scrubs” by TLC and “Close to Me” by The Cure.

If you guys know of any good ones, please share in the comments.

  • atpanda

    Best mashup ever is the entire Beatles Love album. It is so genius. If you like The Beatles, you’ll sit there trying to figure out all the little snippets of stuff from all their songs all put into single songs.

  • michelleann2804

    I just want to say a huge THANKS to all of you for successfully ruining any chances of me getting work done today!!

  • mosprott

    Adele vs. the Rolling Stones: Rolling in the Deep/Gimme Shelter – AWESOME!

  • beautiful_heartache

    ALL TIME FAVORITE: Sesame Street + Willow “Whip My Hair” mashup. 0:25 plus all the “shake it” make laugh! My husband and I thought of this when we first saw “Whip My Hair” and did a low-tech mashup: opened both videos in YouTube and played them side by side. Glad someone actually edited it together (and better than we could have). Yeah, that’s the kind of things we find fun these days. A toddler & newborn will do that to you!

    Not my favorite to listen to but like previous YouTube commentors have said, the title is awesome:

    Black Eyed Peas + AC/DC = You Humped Me All Night Long

    The muppets “singing” Gold Digger (Not the Mahnamana mashup):


    Love the mash-ups! Especially the Radiohead vs. Dave Brubeck!

    Here’s Martin Solveig vs Amerie vs Eve – “Work The Tambourine” (a DJ Nicky T Mash Up):

  • specialkrispy

    So glad men wearing overalls without shirts is no longer socially acceptable. Wait, was it ever? Thanks for posting those. It was almost better than coffee!

  • sksanders

    To all my peoples in the struggles…

    it’s called “Juicy-R” [Biggie's Juicy vs. the xx's VCR]. and it’s awesome.

  • Rebekah

    I know you’ve mentioned how much you like The Xx – found out about this courtesy Mamapop – Notorious B.I.G. vs. The Xx by DJ Wait What a.k.a. “The Notorious Xx” – I can’t find my favorite on YouTube anymore, which was The Xx’s “Intro” mashed up with Notorious B.I.G.’s “Dead Wrong”… hope you can find it somewhere, it’s awesome. Enjoy!

  • NicoleC

    Blur vs Nirvana “Smells Like Song 2″

    Need I say more?

  • Nhiro

    Stumbled on this one a couple of days ago. I love it to pieces, because Robyn is the shit.

  • JGBenson

    Arcade Fire V. Blondie: Sprawl II Heart of Glass

  • Kristinaac

    GirlTalk…Girltalk times 2348071923. He puts all these remixes to shame. You MUST download Night Ripper, Feed the Animals, and All Day…IMMEDIATELY (and they’re all for free!). All of them are phenomenal, but All Day is the latest (and best, IMO). If you listen to music while you exercise, this will revolutionize your workout. And it’s great party/dance music. Earcrack…I’m telling you!

  • Ashley_the Accidental Olympian

    For sure the best one EVER is Notorious B.I.G. and Miley Cyrus.


    So fun.

    I think I love it the most because B.I.G. would freak out to hear his “Party & Bullshit” song with “Party and the USA” overlapping his chorus. But I hate to say it B.I.G., but this mash up is CATCHY.

  • kristinaj21

    It’s called “I Want a Bulletproof Dancer” — La Roux, Robyn, Whitney Houston and Taylor Swift — it’s pretty awesome and really well made :)

  • Smash

    Not the typical remix. A friend pointed this one out to me and with Alice in Wonderland being my favorite Disney film, I fell in love with it. His other mixes are quite catchy too, especially UPular. :)

  • theoriginalmgirl

    You find some great YouTube videos! How do you find them?

  • EarlGreyHot

    I love this mashup of Nirvana / The Jackson 5: »Smells like Rockin’ Robin«. Sooo fun and danceable. It’s got spunk! (Wait, do people still say spunk?)

    Anyway, get ready to dance/jump around wildly:

    I’m also loving the Brubeck/Radiohead one. Got it on repeat right now.

  • emsxiety

    And I am now addicted to this and can’t stop listening. My husband is now annoyed cause I keep replaying, I am totally blaming you.

    I should add the video isn’t all that great, but the music is absolutely great.

  • megalimugwump

    Team Canada- they have awesome mash ups. And they’re from Montreal, my hometown. Double bonus.

  • sophia_helix

    This one’s super-old, but it’s my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE mashup ever — I cannot listen to either song alone now and it’s my friends’ favorite party song.

    Intergalactic Friends (Beastie Boys v. Dandy Warhols):

  • Margie

    Thanks to all of the awesome comments I’ve read so far, I stumbled up on this Annie Lennox, Queen, David Bowie mashup which definitely makes me smile:

  • AshesVonDust

    You’ve got to check out ToToM! Great mashups. You can find pretty much everything on

  • AshesVonDust

    Holy crap, just saw Cypress Hill vs Johnny Cash


  • lunacydress

    Not technically a mashup, but fun to watch!

    Miss Piggy “singing” Peaches’ “Fuck the Pain Away”:

  • GrangerLang

    I, too, have spent hours trapped in the rabbit hole of mashups and remixes. This David Bowie/MGMT mashup is, hands down, my favorite of all the mashups that have ever passed through my ears:

    Besides that gem, DJ BC has a lot of good mashes (I love the Talib Kwali/Doobie Bros mash ‘Listen Twice’ His Beatles/Beastie Boys ‘Beastles’ remixes are really fun. For Example, Whatcha Want/Lady Madonna:

    Finally, team9 has some great mixes, of which my faves are The Money Song ( and When You Were a Starlight (

  • odonata9

    I know I’m late, but I love Frontin’ on Debra – Beck, Pharell and Jay-Z

    And yes, Girl Talk is amazing. And try looking for mash-ups (instead of remixes) – you’ll find loads more.They are such fun.

  • Benny

    My current favorite:
    Willow Smith vs. Kreator = Hairbangers

    Also this one by Lil Jon (which is horribly inappropriate and not safe if there are kids around)

  • stephinboston

    BORING REPEAT: GIRLTALK – Tyrant, go to their website and get Heather and Jon their music now, it’s FREE. It’s the most incredible mix of filthy rap and 80′s music, great for anger workouts or drowning out the sound of whiny children.

  • angelle321
  • char

    Not a re-mix but a fun lesson on how to make your own pop song that perhaps one day will be so famous someone else will re-mix it!

  • nanda panda

    Did no one mention Kei$ha vs. Madonna, We R Into The Groove by Robin Skouteris? This one will make you want to dance.

  • Averil9787

    Check out GirlTalk. You’ll absolutely love him, all of your favorite songs you’re sort of embarrassed to admit that you love mashed together.

  • frailemon

    Here’s Lady Gaga and Gloria Gaynor (Bad Romance and I Will Survive) from a very talented friend of mine from music school, on violin, ukelele, and voice. Pure awesome!

  • salome

    My absolute favorite: Snow Patrol vs. The Police — Every Car You Chase:

  • salome

    Oh oh! And Oasis’ Wonderwall mashed up with Greenday’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams:

    (PS — what’s with all the spammers :( )

  • Heathers Garden

    There are two that I really like.

    Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck – Five Step (mashup by Overdub)

    Mash-Up: Fleet Foxes & Beyonce – Single Foxes (Put A Wood On It)

  • thats what she said

    I can’t remember who the DJ is, but there’s a Cure “Close to Me”/Jay-Z “99 Problems” mashup that is truly awesome. It’s been on every party mix I’ve made for the past five years or so.

  • KatieMama

    Anything by Girl Talk is pretty awesome, but they don’t mash up just two songs. More like a lot of songs. I love running to their stuff.

  • KatieMama

    Love the Radiohead vs. Dave Brubeck – Thanks Heathers Garden!

  • thats what she said

    Biggie Smalls/Miley Cyrus, “Party and Bullshit in the USA”

  • dooce

    AHHHHHHHOOOOO. That Radiohead vs Dave Brubeck kicks so much ass. Thank you!

  • kellimarks

    Don’t laugh, I always found this mashup great: Nirvana and Destiny’s Child “Smells Like Bootylicious.”
    And I second KatieMama, love Girl Talk!

  • beerfoodie

    Just found this John Lennon vs Rage Against the Machine Vs Joan Jett vs House of Pain

    generally good site for ‘em, but no vids: Steady Gaga is my favorite.

  • AureliaMel

    “Work it Out w/ a Foxy Lady” (Beyonce/Jimi Hendrix mash-up)

    I have this on my workout playlist and it always seems to get me pumped!

  • erc1204

    ever heard of Girl Talk?

  • marielizabeth

    Have you heard of Girl Talk?

    He’s incredible at mashups… be prepared to be addicted!

  • marielizabeth

    Btw, Girl Talk is definitely NSFW!!

  • Tobie

    I see that someone beat me to recommending Girl Talk, who is awesome(!).

    Also check out DJ Prince – I regularly listen to his “Quando Can I Work It Out” mix (Beyonce, Austin Powers?, and some other songs). Just google it b/c you might have to go to a random site to listen to it. So upbeat and fun.

  • ryanrageous

    @erc1204 I was JUST going to say that to her!
    Girl Talk Feed The Animals is a favorite album of mine.
    I like the ENTIRE CD but here are a two of my favs:
    Give me a Beat
    Here’s the Thing

  • Kellyim

    My 20 year-old cousin’s goal in life is to be a music producer and he threw together this remix of Ke$ha and Britney: