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My night with Arcade Fire in the suburbs

Monday afternoon I returned from running errands to find my cousin McKenzie and Marlo in the kitchen when McKenzie reminded me that she needed to leave a bit early because she was going to see Arcade Fire that night. I mumbled some curse words under my breath out of jealousy (McKenzie is Mormon and fragile, [...]

A dog and a dining set

Even Chuck’s modesty patch matches our decor. It’s the little things.

High tea

I took Leta to tea over spring break, and one of the highlights of the afternoon was this blooming tea. Leta could not believe her eyes, and kept asking me how they do that?! And I wasn’t trying to make it a non issue, I just really didn’t know. I’d heard about these but had [...]

New Tunes Tuesday – The Me

This week we’re taking a bit of a detour into something that is simultaneously brilliant and mortifying. It takes A LOT to make me uncomfortable which should come as no surprise since I’ve written extensively about my episiotomy and the fact that I saw Milli Vanilli in concert and truly thought that they had sung [...]

A dog, a garden stool, and an ikat print

Here Chuck seamlessly ties in the rust color of the chair with the handwoven Persian rug. Just like we paid him to do.

Speed racer

One day I will have to be in a car that this kid is driving. By that time I will have invested in a set of full-body armor and alerted local authorities that IT IS ON THE LOOSE.

A peek inside our day, the second hour

(The first fifteen minutes can be seen here. The first hour can be seen here.) On the drive to Leta’s school she will ask me at least forty times what is on the menu for lunch. Per our therapist’s advice I make a non issue of this. Meaning I answer, “I don’t know.” When she [...]

A dog, a chair, and a painting

This week I’m going to feature Chuck with some of the furniture in our house if only to prove what a stunning accessory he is. That dog matches everything!

Weekend work

Jon and I are traveling to Louisiana later this week, so I had to get some loose ends tied up over the weekend. Good weekend for it, too, since it snowed nonstop for two straight days. This is one of the windows in the office, and I kept glancing over hoping to see if it [...]

The girls’ bathroom

The final bathroom I want to share (at least until we get the master bathroom organized) is the jack and jill bathroom that Leta and Marlo share, the one between their individual rooms. I imagine that we will hear a constant stream of WHINE when the two are older and cannot believe that we are [...]