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Memorial Day in the middle of winter

We spent the holiday weekend at my mother’s cabin in the high desert, every one of us huddled up in fleece coats and layers of blankets because the average temperature out there was Antarctica degrees. We ventured outside only to feed the penguins. My mother stopped by our house on Friday and took Marlo out [...]

Just be a queen

Seriously, who in their right mind would let him on their bed with that thing?


This is the LDS Church office building where… I don’t know… people make decisions and run the whole operation? Is this where the prophet goes to work? Is this where they sacrifice the kittens?

Found what I was looking for

Tuesday night Jon and I attended the U2 concert here in Salt Lake City. I know that the previous sentence is the exact opposite of exciting, but for the both of us this event was something we had dreamed about but had resigned ourselves to the idea that it would never happen. Does that make [...]

The Camilla Series, no. 8

Behold the purple romper. (Rompsies!) Here’s the thing about this. Someone could come up to Cami and be all, dude, you look insane. What the hell are you wearing? And she’d smile, place her hand on that person’s shoulder, and say, “I’m so sorry you feel that way. You see, I’m fabulous, and it’s too [...]


She’s allowed to play outside barefoot, however, the rules are she has to keep her pants on. But then inside she’s routinely been stripping down to nothing but her diaper. Worrisome only if this continues into her thirties. (That shirt was a gift from the folks over at True Royalty Clothing who donate a portion [...]

Summoning my roots

Yesterday I was snacking on some carrots (WHAT? Yes, I snack on carrots, it’s what all the gangstahs are doing) when Marlo asked if she could have one. Unfortunately, Coco has this radar that goes off in her head when Marlo is anywhere near food, it probably rings CRUMBS! CRUMBS! CRUMBS! and she will follow [...]

The price of fashion

Sometimes you have to wear shoes that hurt or a pair of pants that are a little too tight. And then sometimes that accessory for your snout gives you some trouble. All in a day’s work.


Our crabapple tree is blooming. I’ve never seen one bloom before, so I’m pretty impressed with the color and shape of the blooms. Meaning I’m twirling around and singing Mormon church hymns, THAT’S HOW LONG THIS WINTER HAS BEEN.

New Tunes – Alex Winston

Alex Winston, an artist based out of Detroit, was once classically trained in opera. She’s got the chops, and her sound is totally unique. Loving this song, especially the chorus: Hey there, sister wife Get the hell out it’s my night You don’t know the way to his heart like I do After I heard [...]