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Small world

One morning last week on the way home from the gym I was sitting at a stop light close to our house right next to a PT Cruiser that had a lightning bolt decal running out from the engine, up and across the door. An involuntary noise escaped my mouth, a “PAAAACKKKKOOOWWWW!” And I realized [...]


This toile upholstered headboard was the centerpiece of our room in New Orleans. When we get around to designing the master bedroom I want to install something really grand at the head of the bed, so I’m gathering inspiration where I can. Jon just wants to hang a giant poster of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley all call [...]

Bipolar cocktails

The first night we were in New Orleans we had cocktails at the bar connected to a restaurant called Cochon. This was the menu. The people working there must adore their jobs.