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New Tunes – Diamond Rings

Diamond Rings is the solo project of John O’Regan, a musician from Toronto who wrote his latest album during a lengthy hospital stay while being treated for Crohn’s disaease, and the album is fantastic. I recommend the whole album called Special Affections, but I love this song particularly because of well, all of it: the [...]

Haunted chandelier

This was hanging inside Bar Tonique in New Orleans just a few blocks from our hotel where we stayed last month. Such a fantastic spot, probably my favorite place on the whole trip. I dearly miss the muggy air. And the lack of snow.

The Camilla Series, no. 5

Cami was born too late to really enjoy fashion in the Eighties. So she celebrates it now. However, I told her she’s not allowed in my house if she’s wearing parachute pants. ONE MUST HAVE STANDARDS. (You can find Cami here: She is a lot of fun and only a little bit weird.)