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Newsletter: Marlo turns two

Dear Marlo, Tomorrow you turn two years old. That’s twenty-four months on planet Earth! The exact length of time a Mormon missionary spends proselytizing in a far away land! That’s a long time to wait if you’re that missionary’s girlfriend. And if you had someone waiting for you, they’d see you today for the first [...]


I don’t know why, but when I see this photo I just want to start singing Enrique Iglesias songs. BABY I LIKE IT! THE WAY YOU MOVE ON THE FLOOR! BABY, I LIKE IT! COME ON AND GIVE ME SOME MORE! OH YES, I LIKE IT! SCREAMIN LIKE NEVER BEFORE! BABY, I LIKE IT! I, [...]

Kids are so weird

Give Marlo a tube of lip balm and she will eat that thing in less than two minutes, saving just a tiny bit to rub all over her face so that it shines. So I don’t ever give her lip balm. But when we were at my mother’s cabin recently, I turned around and there [...]