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If this isn’t the most existential photo ever taken.

Uncle Lewis

This is my mother’s older brother Lewis. He attended the luncheon after McKenzie’s wedding, and we got to catch up a bit. I never got to meet my mother’s real father, so I’ve looked at the similarities between her and Lewis and tried to piece together what he would have looked like. And what he [...]

Monkey see, monkey do

A couple of weeks ago we had a large shelving unit for our living room delivered. It was so heavy that it took two burly men to get it through the door and over to the wall. After they stepped away I gasped, because seeing it in person was nothing like seeing it online. Kind [...]

The Camilla Series, no. 11

“Where did you get that hat?” “A thrift store.” “IT. IS. INSANE.” “And? Your point?” (You can find Cami here: She is a lot of fun and only a little bit weird.)

The big day

My cousin McKenzie, she who tends Marlo during the day, she got married on Saturday. To the missionary she waited two years to see. Two years, and she did not date anyone else. They got married in the temple. This is huge in the LDS faith. I TELL YOU WHAT, when I met that man [...]

Newsletter: Marlo turns two

Dear Marlo, Tomorrow you turn two years old. That’s twenty-four months on planet Earth! The exact length of time a Mormon missionary spends proselytizing in a far away land! That’s a long time to wait if you’re that missionary’s girlfriend. And if you had someone waiting for you, they’d see you today for the first [...]


I don’t know why, but when I see this photo I just want to start singing Enrique Iglesias songs. BABY I LIKE IT! THE WAY YOU MOVE ON THE FLOOR! BABY, I LIKE IT! COME ON AND GIVE ME SOME MORE! OH YES, I LIKE IT! SCREAMIN LIKE NEVER BEFORE! BABY, I LIKE IT! I, [...]

Kids are so weird

Give Marlo a tube of lip balm and she will eat that thing in less than two minutes, saving just a tiny bit to rub all over her face so that it shines. So I don’t ever give her lip balm. But when we were at my mother’s cabin recently, I turned around and there [...]

I love this part of parenthood

Leta: Mom, are you afraid of anything? Me, carefully weighing my response: I’m terrified of heights. I get really scared when I look out the window in a tall building. Leta: You mean like, cliffs and mountains? Me: Yes, exactly. Leta: What about when you were a little girl? Me: When I was your age [...]

New Tunes – Cults

Oh, I am so giddy about this that I could kiss a rat smack on its itty bitty head. Cults is a duo based in New York City, and blah blah blah, their music fills me with pure joy. They’ve got a Sixties vibe going on, and yesterday they released their first album. You could [...]