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Because it’s been too long

How about a post about boobs? Yeah? YEAH. When I was in sixth grade I weighed about sixty pounds soaking wet. My elbows and knees poked out in comical directions, my hipbones dangerously sharp. I have a body I inherited from my father who at six-feet tall weighed 130 pounds for the first forty years [...]


UGH. You guys, I found the dogs nipping at an injured mouse in the backyard this morning. Jon told me to kill it, UM. NO. And once I had the dogs back in the house it was able to scurry away. Now I cannot get the dogs away from the back door. Consequently, there is [...]

Starving artist

I say starving because she’s going through that phase where she doesn’t want to eat anything. And since I already lived through this phase with Leta, I know to lay off and not force anything. I’m just holding out hope that she isn’t as picky as Leta when it comes to food and that she [...]