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New Tunes – DCR Music

Ok, so this is just rad, pardon my Eighties. Damon Albarn (he who occupies a spot on my list) traveled to the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo and spent five days with local musicians and performers to put together an album called Kinshasa One Two. All proceeds from the album go to Oxfam [...]

The Camilla Series, no. 17

Me: “You know, there is a group of people online who spend a lot of time bitching about turbans. This is going to make them very sad.” Cami: “Oh, SAD FACE. I guess they won’t mind that I couldn’t give a shit.” (You can find Cami here: She is a lot of fun and [...]

My old, old man

Today my father turns seventy years old. Saturday we threw a party for him at our house and close to fifty people showed up. I told him my present to him was that I wasn’t going to tell him how much it cost to order all that Chinese food. And I didn’t use a coupon. [...]

A similarity to her father

I have mentioned this previously, but every morning I set my alarm for seven and when it goes off I turn on the monitor to see if Marlo is awake. Usually she is, and we know this because she talks to herself. I know! We lucked out and didn’t get the grumpy, screaming, bratty kid [...]


Per doctor’s orders, we’re supposed to keep Chuck close by until we know he’s out of the woods. Not necessarily for his sake, just to make sure that if he does vomit again it’s not on the carpet and we don’t kill him. So I guess that does make it for his sake.


We’ve been hitting the pool on the weekends, and Marlo is a total fish. She screams at us when we prevent her from walking into water that is over her head, and she’s already hurtling herself off the side of the pool. I wonder if Rambo was an early swimmer? Are women allowed to be [...]

Warm family memories

Friday afternoon I met my friend Kate for lunch at our favorite local place to talk about roosters and husbands, and no I didn’t mention those two items back to back for any reason, why do you ask? Does your husband get up every morning at 6:30 AM sharp and scream his head off? Is [...]


I feel like someone is dragging me by the feet, and I am clutching the ground until my fingers are bleeding. I don’t want this summer to end. I know it’s been awful for those stuck in that heat wave, but it’s been glorious here. So I’m going to wear shorts and sandals until the [...]


We bought Marlo this dress back in January when we went to Isla Mujeres. It’s still huge on her, but nothing brings out the color of her eyes like this does. Thank god we can wash the dirt out of it.

80 new beds, 80 more lives

(For those who inquired, this is the text of the speech I gave at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new unit at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute.) I remember the first conversation I had with someone about my mental health. I was seventeen, too young at the time to understand that it was actually my [...]