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A similarity to her father

I have mentioned this previously, but every morning I set my alarm for seven and when it goes off I turn on the monitor to see if Marlo is awake. Usually she is, and we know this because she talks to herself. I know! We lucked out and didn’t get the grumpy, screaming, bratty kid [...]


Per doctor’s orders, we’re supposed to keep Chuck close by until we know he’s out of the woods. Not necessarily for his sake, just to make sure that if he does vomit again it’s not on the carpet and we don’t kill him. So I guess that does make it for his sake.


We’ve been hitting the pool on the weekends, and Marlo is a total fish. She screams at us when we prevent her from walking into water that is over her head, and she’s already hurtling herself off the side of the pool. I wonder if Rambo was an early swimmer? Are women allowed to be [...]