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Tips for starting your own business

It’s been several years since Jon quit his day job and my website became the source of our income, a decision that we both agreed to only after several months of hand-wringing and hair pulling and looking over that edge and determining how much it would cost in hospital bills if we hit the ground. [...]

Bath time

What Coco doesn’t know is that cats clean themselves. He doesn’t need her help.


Her hair is finally long enough that we can Björk it up like we used to do with Leta.

An incredible local event

For those of you who live in town or might be passing through Salt Lake in the next week, I will be the keynote speaker on Tuesday, August 23rd at the ribbon cutting for the new wing at the University Neuropsychiatric Institute up at University Research Park (501 Chipeta Way). This is the hospital where [...]


I got home from the gym, cleaned up a bit, and when I approached the stairway to the office Chuck was standing there waiting for me. Like, what’s on the itinerary? Because he needed to decide if he was going to run away for the second time this week.


I thought I’d gather the look I put together for our family photos (Marlo’s shoes are from the Gap). The necklace and the nail polish are the actual items seen in the photos. The watch is very similar to the one I was wearing, and everything else is pretty close. I chose to wear flip-flops [...]


Like I do? We saw Peter Frampton at an outdoor venue on Wednesday night. It was heaven, especially seeing Jon’s reaction. More later.

Going Boom

The time has come at last, after several months of furious preparation and sleepless nights and waiting, waiting, waiting for the delivery truck to arrive, to show you the newest addition to our home. Sadly, it is not a coop full of chickens. WHICH REMINDS ME. You guys! Kate found out that Vivien? The lovely [...]

New Tunes – Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is Ruban Nielson, a New Zealand native who now lives in Portland, plus Jake Portrait on bass and Julien Ehrich on drums. According to their website, “UMO was a project conceived as Ruban’s escape hatch to a new musical dimension where his vision of junkshop record collector pop could be realized in [...]


I made this mood board because we’ve been in this house for over a year and it wasn’t until last week that I unpacked all of our books. And we have tons of storage for books in this house. An absurd amount of storage, which is too bad since we’re mostly buying new books on [...]