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Fun with Becks

Ellen and David Beckham cause a bit of a stir at Target, and the giggling feels so good that I wanted to share:

Hanging lanterns

I bought these from West Elm at the beginning of the summer to hang along the edge of the covered porch in the back yard. The weather is supposed to remain really nice until next Thursday (they say it could snow in the mountains), so until then I will enjoy these and give thanks to [...]


At the end of spring we planted several herbs in the back yard. All of them immediately died except for the sage. My god, the SAGE! It took over everything growing around it. We have mountains of it and no idea what to do with it all. You don’t often hear about people canning their [...]

Autumnal equinox

Five years ago Jon and I took a mid-week afternoon drive through the Alpine Loop to take photographs of burnt red trees and the sharp shadows of aspens standing in formation, ready to march, waiting for a signal. We stopped for lunch at Sundance, several memory cards full of images telling the story of the [...]


I don’t know that much about photography, but damn, I can give great tips on how to take a photo of your dog so that his penis isn’t staring straight at you.


The instructions say that she has to write about a page of something. A poem, a fictional story, perhaps a memory from a vacation. Leta writes four pages and then asks if she can come home from school and keep going. Second grade is just fine, thank you very much.

Halfway there

Saturday morning I voluntarily got out of bed at 5 AM to go for a run. “Go for a run.” HA! Ha ha. That sounds so innocent. So sweet! If it had a nose I’d pinch it and then rub it on its head while gushing WHO’S THE CUTEST LITTLE GUY WHO? My training regimen [...]


The song I featured yesterday inspired me to put together an outfit, something you might see someone wearing in a John Hughes film but a little more updated. I didn’t think I would like the revival of the Eighties that is going on right now, but I’m absolutely loving it. All the fun without all [...]

Tub time

No one enjoys a bath more than this kid, and if you mention the possibility of one she will run around in circles screaming, “Take a bas! Take a bas! Take a bas!” And then she’ll try to jump in with her clothes on. Kid is going to know how to party.

New Tunes – College

Jon and I caught a showing of the movie Drive (starring Ryan Gosling) this weekend, and whoa. Whoa is the only thing I (or Keanu Reeves) will tell you about it. Well, one other thing: the soundtrack is insanely good, a total homage to the Eighties. I want to go see this movie again and [...]