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Their, their, now

I failed to give that pumpkin a mouth on purpose because I’m not really sure how I feel about Halloween. A smile would be a total lie, and a frown would just perpetuate this persona that I’m a bunch of prickly pears walking around inside a mask of human flesh. I guess I could draw [...]

From Coco’s point of view

Right after he has had enough and slammed her body to the ground. Pretty soon this will be Marlo’s point of view, looking up at Leta.

Skill of her father, ear of her mother

Leta is excelling at piano more than we could have imagined especially considering how intense her coursework is. She’s naturally good at reading music like Jon is, but she can also pick out a song just by hearing it like I used to do. I’m not denying that there are times when she wants to [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

– People are awesome 2011. You might want to wear a helmet while watching this. All of my injuries screamed at me to TURN IT OFF. – Vallejo Man Gets Stuck in Baby Swing Overnight. I want to send him a letter and let him know that I appreciate his sacrifice so that I might [...]

Sea of red

There are some yards in our neighborhood so filled with the color of changing leaves that a whale might as well have heaved and impaled itself on their roof, spilling gallons of blood inter every corner of the lawn. Is that too gory? WELCOME TO HALLOWEEN.

Friday Under Fifty

1. London Office Tote Croc Finish 2. Women’s bow-tie top 3. Recycled vinyl record cuff 4. Vintage Oversized Sunglasses 5.

A battle with my brain

Last week my ankle prevented me from working out or running, minus one 45-minute low-intensity tour of the weight room. Since I started training for the NYC Marathon (now just a week from Sunday), I’ve logged a little over 105 miles, nothing compared to regular runners, but a lot for someone like me who only [...]


I’ve probably draped Chuck in an ace bandage before, back when I had SHINGLES! and had to wrap my torso in one so that Marlo wouldn’t get chicken pox while breastfeeding. Now that I have to wrap my ankle with this one I didn’t want to leave him out of the fun.

Finding the light

I had to bribe her with chocolate to follow me to the corner of the family room where the light is at its best. Children, pets. Pets, children. They both prepare you in small ways for the other.

Featured community question wherein I get my Scrooge on

This one comes from member Gettysburg Mom: Let’s start with the glass half full, shall we? Favorite Things – Sliding across the hardwood floors in wool socks. – The smell of wood-burning chimneys even though I know they are terrible for the environment. You know what else is? My butt. – Really gaudy Christmas light [...]