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Coco is very curious about the smell of your monitor. What on earth have you been looking at, MOM?

Lonely teardrop

Or as Marlo would say, “Wook! Iss cwwying!”

In an effort to counter Snooki

This is a video of a biker who spots a calf stranded in a canal and then attempts to rescue it. You get the feeling that the calf hasn’t ever seen a helmet before, like WTF WHAT ARE YOU LEAVE ME HERE TO DIE. And then by the end they’re both smoking weed together.

Tuesday’s Top Pick

Friendship bracelets have been making a huge comeback, and I’m thinking about going out and buying some string and a clipboard so that I can show Leta how to make them. I used to spend entire weekends making my own, figuring out different patterns and shapes. This is a resurgence I don’t mind unlike high-waisted [...]


I have to hand it to autumn. She can make a strip of concrete look like an art gallery.

The second child effect on choosing our battles

You guys, I think Marlo is broken. She can’t stop talking. She does this thing where she’ll fixate on a word and repeat it a hundred times even after you’ve reassured her that YES, I GET IT, YOU’RE PLAYING DOCTOR. And usually that makes it worse, because somehow that acknowledgment makes the word even more [...]

Future shock

I don’t remember the last time I burned anything to a CD, let alone the last time I bought a physical CD. These must be about a decade old, older than Chuck even. But we keep them around, just in case. I don’t have to tell you that we have a drawer full of ZIP [...]


Behold: a very rare moment when words are not shooting machine-gun style out of her mouth.

Stuff I found while looking around

- A video shot entirely on the iPhone 4S – Open Letter to that 53% Guy: “And, believe it or not, there are people out there even tougher than you. Why don’t we let them set the bar, instead of you? Are you ready to work 80 hours a week? 100 hours? Can you hold [...]

Friday Under Fifty

1. Mod French Bulldog Frenchie Silhouette Fine Art Print 2. Pumpkin Spice Autumn Dog Leash 3. Bite-sized buffalo and blueberry cookies for pups 4. Dental Chew Dinosaur 5. Isle of Dogs Nourishing Gloss Dog Shampoo 6. Houndstooth Dog Collar 7. 1954 WEIMARANER Vintage Book Notebook Journal 8. FURminator Large Yellow deShedding Tool 9. Aqua cozy [...]