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And the flippers? Darling.

I had no idea bodyboarding was so badass, but after watching this I think I’m in love. Such a gorgeous piece of work, and I won’t ever comprehend how they shot some of that footage. Wait for it at 1:28. I think I just figured out the next bullet point on my life list. There [...]

Do you care about men’s prostates?

Today is the last day of Movember, a month in which men grow mustaches in an effort to bring awareness to the issue of prostate cancer. I personally prefer men with facial hair, and I don’t really mind Jon’s artistic interpretation. Except that it’s not a beard and it rips up my face. We all [...]


Fifteen minutes in front of this thing every morning during the winter is supposed to boost my mood. Last winter was so hectic I forgot to use it, but the year before that I noticed a difference. Keeping my fingers crossed and feeling Smurfy.

How I survived the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, part three

(You can find part one here and part two here.) I considered myself pretty lucky that I made it 14 miles without any of my injuries taking me out of the race. RELATED: I got a letter from my insurance provider telling me that they are pretty certain that all the injuries I’ve incurred in [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

Wall decals can verge into twee territory so fast that if you’re not careful you’ve suddenly got butterflies and fairies flying up the wall behind your toilet. So it was refreshing to stumble on this occasionally irreverent collection. I’d love to walk into a traditional dining room and see the Pulp Fiction decal jutting up [...]


If you’ve ever wondered what winters are like in Utah, this is the exact color and structure. If you could smell it you’d note a touch of damp soil and gasoline swirling in a cloud of collective longing.

Pimp My Dog

Cami: What the hell is this thing sticking out of his face? Me: I take it you are unfamiliar with ANIMALS. That’s called a whisker. Cami: Yeah, duh, I know what a whisker is. Did you really just say that to me? What I’m asking is why is it back here away from all the [...]

A vet’s dream

Sometime during the night this dog used three different rooms as a canvas for an artistic spray of diarrhea and vomit. The rancid smell filled every corner of the house. He’s seeing the vet this afternoon. After Coco’s recent illness and the ensuing costs, by tomorrow we will have funded our vet’s retirement. WTF THE [...]


The Monday after Thanksgiving. Abrupt, lonely. Pockmarked.

For all of us who live with herding dogs

I have watched this probably 70 times and somehow it gets funnier with each viewing: