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Halloween 2011

Wow. That wasn’t as awful as I had anticipated! I keep telling you guys that low expectations are the key to happiness, because either way you win: something turns out better than you thought it would, then what a pleasant surprise! Something turns out just as bad as you knew it would? YOU WERE RIGHT [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

These may be marketed as mobiles for babies, and they would serve that purpose beautifully. But these handmade mobiles would add a touch of playfulness to almost any other room: over a reading nook, in the corner of an office, directly above a toilet for those in the family who need entertainment during the hours [...]

Merciful Utah

Yesterday was one of the most gorgeous fall days I’ve ever experienced, and Utah was gracious enough to save the snow until after Halloween so the kids didn’t have to freeze their asses off while begging for candy. Thank you, State of Deseret.

November 2011