• Steph Bachman

    Still chuckling about “this is the farthest I have ever run”

    I met a girl at mile 10 of the Savannah Rock-n-Roll marathon/half marathon and after she said she had never run more than 10 miles before, I congratulated her on her new distance record at least three times in our conversation.

    It IS what runners do. Betcha never thought you would be one of those. A RUNNER.

    Me neither! HA!

  • santa barbara

    I did the same thing to my amazing group of girls during Bay to Breakers last May; kept turning to them and saying “I’ve never run this far before!” and “I am a running robot!” Speaking of which, you would LOVE B2B. It’s only 12K and the people of San Francisco are so supportive and awesome. My favorite was the group sitting on their porch playing a steady rotation of “Eye of the Tiger,” the “Rocky” theme song and, for some reason, “Ghostbusters.”

    Am I making you want to run B2B next year? Don’t you miss running races already??

  • Daddy Scratches

    The liquid-black-waves-of-pain thing sounds fun. You’re making me want to run a marathon.

    Actually, I ran 26.2 miles this past summer. Not all at once, mind you; from, like, late May to mid-August.

  • napangel

    I really want to read the whole story right now. And this will keep me laughing the rest of the day: “but I interrupted her because I had just run the farthest I had ever run.”

  • slappyintheface

    If I ran a block, it would probably be the farthest that I have ever run.

  • luv and kiwi

    You are SOOO describing my marathon experience…well besides the four friends and super model.

  • jan001

    Had to laugh at the signs, and will add one for you to watch for next time you do this:

    A friend of mine ran a big marathon somewhere this past weekend and came back still laughing about seeing a guy on the sidewalk, about halfway through the race, holding up a sign that said…


  • Canadienne29

    My favorite sign that I’ve ever seen on the race course:


    I can’t wait for the sequel to this entry! Awesome race reports, Heather!

  • Apepito2011

    I would love to know your running playlist! I’m always looking for good music for the gym…anything that makes me want to move!!

  • LinKelley

    Where do you come up with all the crap that falls out of your mouth (and roils around in your brain)? You’re so damn funny!!!

  • prestonk9

    I too love that song – so much. When it comes on in my kickboxing class, I totally become J-Lo training to be a bad ass in the movie “Enough”. Kinda like running in falsetto. I knew Enrique was hot but that was the first time I saw that video – whew! I may have licked my computer screen.

  • abbyfitch

    I can’t tell you how happy I am for you that you finished that marathon. And you have inspired me to run another – your descriptions made me miss that experience (I’ve run two).

    My favorite lines of this post?

    “Heather, you’re talking to yourself in the third person AND calling yourself names.


    Ain’t that the truth. :)


  • Laura Mauk

    Hilarious. And Inspiring.
    My big confession is running while listening to Matchbox 20. So uncool. But in the pas three years the most running I’ve done is walking fast to Dairy Queen for ice cream that I shouldn’t be having. Hopefully your posts will rub off on me.

  • k8y

    Enrique is my guilty pleasure, too. I discovered him quite innocently, then encountered him during a Zumba class warm up/cool down and was hooked. I find it nearly impossible to not move listening to his stuff.

    Between Enrique, Adam Lambert, Lady GaGa and some soon-to-be added Rihanna (thanks to you) I am able to do my treadmill thing at the gym.

  • DisposableWombat

    I have been looking for some way to “celebrate” my mid-life crisis. I am now – as a result of the insanity of The Dooce – toying with the idea of running a marathon (or at least a Ragnar) next year at the ripe old age of 50. If I survive, I’ll be available to share survival advice with Mr. Armstrong.

  • annanewelljones

    What a great post! Love how you write… so freaking funny…

  • aloysius

    The part of Queens the race usually goes through is an industrial area that’s not very populated. I’m sure this is the ONLY REASON Queens did not represent.

  • superkb

    What what, Brooklyn! So glad you liked it—we take pride in our cheering! So fun to spot you and the other Moms on the course! Congrats on the race! It’s an amazing accomplishment!

  • tallnoe

    I love the energy around races. From my side. And that side is the SIDELINES. The only sane place to be…

    Anyway, YAY for you!!! Can’t wait for the last part.

    Also, love Enrique for working out. I think my workout playlist will eventually get me banned from my indie music world…

  • kelcut

    I have to confess that every time I read “the 2011 ING NYC Marathon” in your posts, my head hears it as
    “the 2011 F-ING NYC Marathon”.

    I think I’m channeling your pain. That shit is Freudian right there.

  • OrangeLily

    Part-way through this post, I thought, this is the most fun running has ever sounded. Then I read about the liquid black pain – that dampened that fun mood.

    I tried to start running once. Even went to The Running Room to get proper support runners. Ran a block, my shins hurt, I walked. That was it. The idea of running appeals to me. The implementation of it doesn’t.

  • shan.h

    I’m with slappyintheface on this one.

    I had also almost forgotten of Spencer Pratt’s existence until reading this post.

    Heather you’re a rockstar for finishing that marathon.

  • LillyO

    “I was certain that within the next half mile all our menstrual cycles would be synced.”


    Heee-larious, bitchez!

  • michellesa

    When you’re running 26.2 miles, all bets are off when it comes to what music you listen to. If it keeps you moving, it’s fair game! As a long time, runner and now two-time marathoner, I’m loving following along with your running. Despite the injury setbacks, it kind of sounds like you’re hooked….. And I know exactly what you mean when you say ‘running in falsetto.’ Non-runners might not get it, but I’m sure all the runners out there do.

  • j m m f

    Awesome job!

    How much did you hate bridges by the time you were done? I did it two years ago and still believe NYC is entirely made of grated bridges.

    I just ran the Chicago Marathon in October, and the best sign I saw along the way said, “Worst. Parade. Ever.”… was at mile 23 and I laughed until mile 24.

  • jodimckee

    yay! my husband and i were so happy that we saw you! thanks for crossing the street to give us high-fives!!

    got some pics of you & your team, too! http://ow.ly/7x7oa

  • melanie

    hmmmm….i’m trying to figure out what it means, the fact that i absolutely recognized that song, but somehow had always assumed that it was done by katy perry…

    congratulations on the marathon. just amazing, miss heather!

  • k2

    have you been looking at my ipod? because mumford and sons and the decemberists (along with a LOT of avett brothers and others) are precisely what are on there! and as much as i love them, i’ll admit that they are not the best songs to run or workout to (although the zydeco music i’ve got on there will get me moving). so, i’d also love to know your running/workout playlist because sometimes i really need a kick in the ass. and that enrique song is one that’s used in my body pump class. i had no clue who sang it….i just do my bench presses to it and I LIKE IT!
    big congratulations for running the marathon! it is a HUGE accomplishment!

  • KatieMama

    Oh, my gosh, I HAVE to have fast music in order to run, so I have no judgement whatsoever about the Enrique Iglesias song. I actually never judge anyone’s taste in music, it’s just too personal. If I were ever to run a marathon, which I hope to never want to do, I’d want a pack to run with like you did.

  • mamawiseman

    Loved your posts on running! As a runner, you are always happy to read that someone else is equally obsessed.

    Congratulations on the run. You were SO fast given injury, lack of training. Such an inspiration for me- I haven’t been training while dealing with a back injury. After reading your posts I have decided- fuck it, I am not going to stop running, just be smarter about it.

    I would love for you to post your entire playlist. Maybe as an iMix? I always love to know what everyone else is listening to.

    Congrats again! You continue to amaze and inspire. Thank you!

  • LynnB

    Maybe you’ve posted it somewhere else in the community but I keep hoping to see part 3 of how you survived. You must have some great stories (and crazy thoughts) somewhere between miles 15 and 26.2 – after all, that’s when the delusion really sets in. Please? And congrats!