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There are apps for Leta and apps for Marlo, but that doesn’t matter because there’s only one iPot (that’s what Marlo calls it). This isn’t normally how they interact with each other when the iPot is involved, but capturing the truth is very blurry and deafening and a lot of STOP PULLING MY HAIR.

The 2012 Chuck Calendar

I promise I would have made this available earlier if it weren’t for the cough that’s been living in Marlo’s chest for the last ten days. We just got back from the doctor and it isn’t anything dangerous, at least not until she keeps me awake for yet another night and I fall asleep driving [...]

Craft projects for kids!

This is the initial stage of a miniature log cabin we’re building on Chuck’s head. Marlo’s idea.


She finally turned away from the Barney Christmas special to stare at squirrels.

Immature college student stuns local parents

One of Leta’s top two teeth has been loose since Nixon resigned, and stop it right there. If you even think about making a joke about wanting two front teeth for Christmas I’m going to walk you to the door with a cardboard box full of your belongings. Someone discovered a Barney Christmas special on [...]

Personal groomer

Coco’s major pastime is checking Chuck’s ears for debris. She’s a living q-tip. For this reason alone he lets her stick around.

The long haul

The rain looks like tiny drops of blood turned black. Winter is coming.

Stuff I found while looking around

- Uncastable Nathan. See also, Unscastable Jordan. -You always tell which dog is the new dog at the daycare. – Tiny Money: If hundreds of thousands of closed accounts scare government and banks into making reforms, great, but the fact remains that what we’ve been doing in Liberty Plaza and in Occupy protests elsewhere in [...]

Three years ago

When she used to roll her eyes without any hint of venom. The kids, they leave.

Friday Under Fifty

Normally I’d complain and moan about the fact that Thanksgiving is next week, but you know what it means? That the marathon is over! It’s so easy to trick my dumb brain. We’re having dinner with Jon’s side of the family this year, and his mother likes everyone to dress up for the meal. Alas, [...]