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New Tunes – Apparat

Yesterday I told you that I workout to Enrique Iglasias and you broke up with me. I understand. Maybe you’ll reconsider when I send you a love letter with the help of Sascha Ring, an artist out of Berlin who goes but he name Apparat (he looks exactly like what would happen if Thom Yorke [...]


I was riding a big wheel through the house and when I turned into the hallway I saw this. God, I hope there is a naked old woman in our tub.

Con artist

Bunnies and kittens and babies in tubs. So docile, precious, smelling like the wind behind the wing of a winsome angel. Until you try to give them medicine and they spit the entire mouthful two feet up into the air and into your lap. That’s why this damn baby is in a tub.

How I survived the 2011 ING NYC Marathon, part two

(You can find part one here.) Back in September I went on a couple of five-mile training runs with Christy and Erin of Every Mother Counts and realized that their pace was a tiny bit faster than my own. Nothing that I couldn’t keep up with, but when I thought about the enormity of the [...]

Silent and gray

Doing his best impersonation of a Morrissey song.

Sick days

She’s slowly coming out of whatever it is that has gripped her since last Friday, but not enough to send her back to school. To keep herself busy she got out two sticky notes and wrote down a schedule for her day with a list of ten items. The first one: eat breakfast. Number ten: [...]

Embracing pain

Camp Mighty is pretty much the more crowded version of The Mighty Summit that I attended in Wine Country last year. The goal of these events is to get drunk fall over borrow weed from the guy upstairs explore the idea of what it is you really want your life to be. And what is [...]

She lived

Although when she poses for photos she looks like we’ve had her stuffed. Definite diagnosis: urinary tract infection. Other possible diagnosis: Giardia. Symptoms include: diarrhea, excess gas, stomach or abdominal cramps, upset stomach, and nausea. Resulting dehydration may need immediate treatment. I use the word “possible” because they were going to have to send her [...]


First Coco, next Leta, and then yesterday morning Marlo puked all over the rug in the family room, not on the hardwood floor next to the rug. Both Jon and I are starting to share Leta’s symptoms but totally ignoring it. Someone in this family has to remain upright.


Last Thursday Jon and I headed to Palm Springs to attend Camp Mighty, but not before I noticed that Coco was not acting loco. In fact, she was calmer, more still and morose than Chuck, and when she refused to eat breakfast I knew something was wrong. Coco would eat a tire if it was [...]