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It’s been a month since I ran that marathon, and while my foot has mostly healed my left knee is not forgiving me. “Heather,” it whines when I when I walk down a flight of stairs. “Remember at mile 14 when I told you I wasn’t up for that shit? And you played it like [...]

For those who doubted the hair

I’m thinking this was taken when I was a senior in high school circa 1993. All that curl is natural which makes a good case for my hair being even crazier than I am. And, yes. That is the Avon World Sales Leader. Woman could work the shit out of a brooch.

Friendly reminder!

The 2012 Chuck Calendar is still available! Twelve giant photos of the world’s most patient dog to help you feel bad about your own pets all year long! And all for charity! If I use one more exclamation point you’re going to send me a stern email! That’s okay! Remember, I print those out and [...]