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Give em whiplash

Maggie: “Her name is Nicki Min-EYE.” Helen Jane: “?????” Maggie: “I heard her pronounce it that way.” Me: “Maggie, I’m pretty sure it’s Nicki Min-AHHHJJJ.” Helen Jane: [staying out of this, staying out of this, staying out of this] Me: “Here, wait. Let me find that Kanye song where she rhymes it with MENAGE.” Maggie: [...]


We were about to land at SFO when I looked out the window and noticed this little guy hanging out over there. About a hundred feet from the ground our airplane pulled back up into the air. “Air Traffic Control says we’re a little too close to other incoming traffic. We’ll, uh… need to circle [...]

City by the bay

Yesterday I flew to San Francisco to spend some long overdue time with a friend. We’ve known each other since Leta was born and have only once in those more than seven years hung out without it being centered around work. I could tell you what we did last night to celebrate, but then I’d [...]