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A peek inside our day, the fourth hour

(The first fifteen minutes can be seen here. The first hour is here, the second hour is here, the third hour is here.) So this hour is the most boring of the day, and I could pretty much just list it out like this: interruption, interruption, interruption, oh! And one more: TORNADO DRILL. Sometimes the [...]

Tis the season

Ugh. The Shedding has begun. So has the furminating. I’m leaving the hair in the yard in case some birds need some materials for a nest or maybe an art project. Hey, birds! Set up an Etsy shop!

Marlo meets Maisie

Yesterday we attended an Easter egg hunt at Kate’s house, and both Marlo and Leta got to meet the chickens. As expected, Leta was not at all interested, but Marlo… she wanted to consume the room. We got to hold the one they named Vivien, and I had to remind Marlo a few times to [...]

For the math nerds

The high school geek that I was wants to kiss this on the mouth (no tongue, otherwise I’d have to see my bishop).

St. Louis Cathedral

Jon and I walked through the French Quarter for several hours last week ending up here in front of the St. Louis Cathedral which is apparently the oldest continuously operating cathedral in the United States. HISTORY! The texture of that part of town just goes on and on, and since I got to use the [...]

Just in time for Easter

Yesterday I became a Godmother. The parents of my Godchildren didn’t know they were choosing me to take care of their babies should anything happen to them. In fact, they weren’t planning on appointing a Godparent or caretaker whatsoever. And I was all, Kate, stop being selfish and LET ME HAVE THIS ONE JOY IN [...]

For Marlo’s room

These are limited edition prints by Heather Ross that I plan to frame and hang in Marlo’s room. (Unfortunately they are sold out, but Heather has a line of fabrics at Purl Soho.) The only things in her room are her crib, a rug, and a rocker. That’s it. I’m waiting to jump into the [...]


While in New Orleans last week we totally did the touristy thing had café au lait and beignets at Café Du Monde. And it was incredible. Seriously one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. If you’re ever in New Orleans, UNLEASH YOUR INNER TOURIST.

From one mother to another

About a month ago Jon and I spent an afternoon at the Salt Lake City Public Library to catch the screening of the documentary No Woman, No Cry by Christy Turlington Burns. Yes. The supermodel. This one: Yes, I got to meet a supermodel, one whose photos I had splashed all over my walls when [...]


Coco had a tooth yanked yesterday. As crazy as this bitch is, I just wanted to cuddle her afterward and tell her it would be okay. She drooled blood last night, and then this morning when we got her out of her crate she was covered in urine. I think she might be in so [...]