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Please tell me this giraffe is not driving home

Let’s briefly interrupt this blog/twitter drama with some drunk animals. (via kottke)


The woman on the right is Dina and she helped organize our whole trip to Bangladesh. She also served as our translator. I feel really lucky to have spent so much time with her and observing how she works. She taught me so much, emotionally and professionally. I hope to work with her again.

Bangladesh and beyond

In the early afternoon of Sunday, June 19, I sat with my legs crossed on the ground in a rural village in Narshingdhi, Bangladesh. I was in a circle of about fifteen men and women surrounding a giant hand drawn map of the village which they use to keep track of women in the community [...]


Here’s one of the hundreds of feral dogs we saw roaming the streets in Bangladesh. And all of them looked like they could be Chuck’s long lost brother or cousin. The trainer we used in LA did say that if every dog in the world mated that the puppies would look just like Chuck.

The interrupting cow

I became known as the Cow Lady on the trip to Bangladesh because whenever we saw a cow, and that was often, I had to stop and take a picture. There just aren’t many cows roaming the streets of Salt Lake City like they do in that country. One cow got very upset that I [...]

Back from Bangladesh, one of many

Now more than ever in my life I understand that a fundamental part of what it means to be human, what makes us human, is the obligation we have to take care of each other. The health and well being of our neighbor increases our own well being and in turn increases the well being [...]


She has not shut up since I got home. You should have heard the racket she made when I walked in the door, like, I DIDN’T LOSE THAT ONE AFTER ALL. Nope, Coco, this sheep came back.

The gang

Here I am at the screening of Christy’s film with the group who traveled with her to Bangladesh. Erin next to me is the executive producer of Every Mother Counts, then Julie who is CEO of Lifeway, and of course Christy. They now feel like friends I met at camp, friends who share very specific [...]

And he sits next to a kid named Prenter

(While I’m out of the country, I’m reposting some content from my archives. This one was originally published in the fall of 2006 when my niece was pondering romance.) “She’s got a crush on a guy in her class. Get this, his name is Brackin.” “Brackin?” “Brackin.” “What do you mean, Brackin?” “I mean Brackin [...]

Felted pet portraits

Amelia Santiago is an artist living in Portland who creates sculptures out of wool. She made these of Chuck and Coco, and I don’t remember where I was when the package arrived, but Tyrant opened it before I could get to it and placed them on the desk in the study. When I walked in [...]