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So unfortunate

That she has to mar her adorable little body with those things on her feet. Add that to the fact that she has marker all over her legs and we haven’t cleaned that up? CLASS.

Bangladesh and beyond, part three

For the recent Yahoo! charitable contribution I worked with Erin Thornton, Executive Producer of Every Mother Counts, who was able to get in touch with a campaign chief at Save the Children. Here’s how our contributions are going to be applied: In Bangladesh, only 1 in 4 births are attended by a medically trained healthcare [...]

The only way he knows how

It was either this or a poem about death.

His girls

Today is Jon’s 46th birthday. He’s got his health (yay for gallbladder removal!) and a family who loves him. I also got him some fancy caramel. So he’s pretty much set.

For healthier bones


Everyone should at least once wear a pair of orange skinny jeans in public. That’s going straight on my life list right behind getting a mohawk and dying the tips of my hair with gold.

Red velvet

Pioneer Day is July 24th in Utah, this coming Sunday. It commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. In Utah this holiday is bigger than the 4th of July. Because, as you know, pioneers are the shit.

I forgive her for spraying sunscreen all over the floor this morning

Tuesday morning Leta could barely wait to give me my birthday present. I think she may have even been so excited about it that the thought of it woke her up early. Fortunately, seven-year-olds can occupy themselves that early in the morning. They can also dress themselves, brush their own teeth, and pour themselves a [...]

Wash hands

Me: Whatcha doin’? Marlo: Wash hands. Me: You’re washing your hands? Marlo: Wash hands. Me: I see. Marlo: Wash hands. Me: What’s your name? Marlo: Wash hands.

Sports buddy

If Chuck ever decides to become a chef, he can totally borrow my sports bras.