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Run, run, run

This isn’t such a bad responsibility to come home to.

Job opening

I am in a car headed to the airport to fly back from New York City to Salt Lake after a whirlwind three days with the organization Every Mother Counts for meetings and panels and keeping up with our running schedule. I am going to use this next sentence to prove to you that I [...]

Still life with gym shoes

We are REALLY good about making our kids put away their belongings, MOM.

La vista

We have tons of hostas in our back yard, and this one is just now blooming. I think these may be my favorite outdoor plant because of their intense hue and the fact that they make a landscape look so lush (which can be hard to do in this semi-arid climate). Look at me talking [...]

It’s going so well!

I promise you this is not going to become a running blog, although with as much as I have been through physically in the last couple of weeks I’d have content for that site through Q4. Quick, Jon! Let’s get someone to sponsor my hamstrings. That won’t piss anyone off! (JESUS CHRIST THE EXCLAMATION POINTS.) [...]

Wrestle bear

“Come again, why didn’t you leave me at that animal shelter in Pasadena nine years ago? YOU JUST HAD TO HAVE A DOG, DIDN’T YOU.”

For real

My friend Stacia convinced me to join her and four other women in a 5K mud run on Saturday. We wore pink tutus and tank tops that said, “The Sanchez Sisters.” I’ll let you figure that one out. It was both ridiculous and terrifying all at once, running around in puddles and ponds of mud, [...]

The week in iPhone photos


I’m in New York for a conference this week, and when I packed my bags I realized I don’t own a pair of dressy pants. I have tons of skirts and dresses, but zero pants. Not a problem because I work from home, but when I have to go to events it turns out people [...]


For dinner. All I am going to say is that this was the first time in four days that she ate dinner. In the name of avoiding constipation, AMEN.