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2012 in words and photos

2012 is a teacher who will not be getting a Starbucks gift card when I say goodbye.

Salt Lake City Design Camp

Anna Beth Chao is coming to Salt Lake. You should be very afraid.


Five straight days of love from heaven!

My little Iris

Capturing the essence of three.

His fate

Sthanta Clausth brought Marlo a ton of Sthuffed animalsth for Christhmas.

When the snowstorm won’t relent

Those adorable little suede flats you own won’t survive the twenty feet from the front door to your car.

Top fifteen tracks of 2012

I wish I could thank these artists for the solace they brought to my unraveling life.

Probably the worst idea ever

The number of things wrong with this is so high that it makes the concept of infinity seem tiny.

Full-time employee

He works hard for the money.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup.