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Last week life whipped out the shotgun that it keeps in the pantry next to the broom and, after a few too many cans of cheap beer, waved it around a little too close to my head. I’d say, hey, don’t point that thing at me, and life would say, really? Like this? And next [...]

Tuesday’s Top Pick

I am a sucker for watercolor (bullet point on my life list is to take a water color class and not fail it). I love the humor in these animal portraits, as if each one were actually posing for a camera. These would go great together along a hallway, each animal greeting you in a [...]


I was walking through a building on the University of Utah campus with my camera and without stopping I stuck my arm out behind my back and snapped this shot. A study in geometry.

Hair, day twenty three

Oh look. Yet another striped shirt. I’M KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES.

Shot through the heart

If Bon Iver covered Bon Jovi. This is probably the third best part of my day so far.


The depth of field is too shallow here to really see what Coco does to Chuck’s collar throughout the day. Her mouth is permanently attached to his neck, and she either tightens his collar to the point of choking or rips it off and I don’t find it for three days. I could take this [...]


Camilla is back! “I always wanted to wear a dog on my head.” My personal style is very muted and casual, but I love women who can carry off wild and extravagant and outrageous. Cami embodies that spirit, and her wardrobe is a constant source of inspiration to me: color, texture and unexpected combinations. Also, [...]


Sitting on the floor My back against the wall, waiting for a call From behind the door across the room


(Photo of my sister September, my mother, my brother Ranger, and me, Christmas 1977. Oh! And Stretch Monster!) Today my sister September turns 42. I don’t think she minds me sharing her age, that kind of vanity just isn’t very important to her. But she would want me to tell you about all five of [...]

Joshu’s Dog

Has a dog Buddha-nature? This is the most serious question of all. If you say yes or no, You lose your own Buddha-nature.