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Yes, my first post in 2012 is about this

“We’re shopping for chonies,” Maggie told me as we entered a big box store in downtown San Francisco. She was looking for a specific cosmetic, headed straight to a shelf stocked with concealer and barely heard me when I tripped over that word in my brain and knocked over a cutout of Taylor Swift. (Taylor [...]


Yesterday we spent the day with Maggie’s almost five-year-old son Hank. We were walking through the Mission when he pointed to a sign that said THANK YOU and said, “There’s my name!” And then we blew bubbles in the park. I wanted to give birth to a five-year-old boy right then.

All of the lights

Maggie wanted me to pack sequins to wear on New Year’s Eve, but you read this website. You know. I do sequins about as well as fish do air. I resisted, but we found this blue dress just a few hours before we headed out for the long night. The redhead, the blonde, the brunette. [...]