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Here’s a resolution

I am just about to complete my first game of Words With Friends. Stop. Don’t say it because I already know it. WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN. Get your hands off of your hips. Stop shaking your head. I’m hopeless and, frankly, a total disappointment. I already know this because my seven-year-old told me [...]

Hair, day one

I got a wild hare (do I crack myself up or what) and decided I’d try to chronicle the whole process of growing out my mane. This isn’t day one. In fact, it’s day 40 or something. I CAN’T KEEP TRACK OF EVERYTHING FOR YOU, MOM. (That was a joke, Mom. Call me later and [...]


I’m playing around with the 85mm lens, so I’m clear across the room here. And you can see by the look on Chuck’s face that I’m sitting inside a circle of bacon.

Not complaining

We haven’t had any major snowstorms so far this season, so a light dusting of six to twelve inches is pretty much like running through a meadow of flowers with my shoes off. It’s beautiful, and the alien who took my brain said it would return it in spring.