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Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part one

And now, an abrupt change of subject and mood. A welcome change, a much needed change, a distraction I am fully embracing even though it has the potential to polarize some of you. Because THIS IS SPONSORED CONTENT. I just wrote that. Those words just came out of my mouth. And you know what? That [...]


This outfit is an early Valentine’s Day treat: plush, vibrant, with eyes touched by a mysterious sleepiness. Yes, please. Neon orange dress, pink jacket w/fur, boots, & clutch: vintage Bracelets: thrifted Belt: f21 (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)


Trolley Sqaure is a partially enclosed mall near downtown Salt Lake that has seen so many stores come and go over the years. Recently an enormous Whole Foods opened up next door and then last week Lululemon held its grand opening right underneath this water tower. LIBERAL MECCA. White people with beards and tattoos and [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- Drive Fan Poster Gallery (perhaps my favorite movie of 2011) – The Talks: Francis Ford Coppola I always associated happiness with family, liking each other, getting along. And I think that’s still happiness, to see that everyone’s healthy, little kids are having fun, no one’s mad at anybody. – T-Rex Trying. Flat out brilliant. [...]


There are rules in fashion, and Cami breaks them all like, oh rules. Aren’t you just so cute. Blazer, blouse, red bow, skirt: thrifted Heels: Urban Outfitters Pink Clutch: thrifted Lipsitck: MAC: so chaud (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

Dee and Dum

I love how Snapseed can romanticize an image, as if these two shits are this idyllic in real life.

Bad days

Two minutes before leaving for school Leta announces that she needs to pack both of her jump ropes but she can’t find the red one. I am unaware that she owns more than one jump rope and have no idea where this phantom red one is or where to start looking. As she starts to [...]


Sugar booger just wants some treats. I told her, of course. Right after you fix mama a hot dog.

“It’s only time, it will go by”

I’ve currently got a chunk of panic in my throat, but I can see the end of the day over there. Listen to this with me.

Chuck, the bad influence

“Want you tie them round MY neck.”