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The topic that keeps on giving

You probably didn’t think I could squeeze yet another story out of my child losing a tooth, and now you’re like, WAIT, you’re going to talk about her losing a tooth AGAIN?! I AM OUT OF HERE. If that’s so, could you take the end of this string that is tied to one of her [...]

Like a muhnstur!

Cami taught Marlo to sing all her songs in a really low, gruff voice that sounds like a monster. But she can only get out about two words before laughter takes over, and then she tries to giggle in that same voice. Like, she’s totally high.

Navy Time

When I was a kid my parents were friends with a couple who had a teenage daughter named Cami. She was blonde and funny and beautiful, and I wanted to be her when I grew up. It’s a fortunate coincidence that my daughters are going to have that same memory. Navy dress: Urban Outfitters Sweater [...]