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Hair, day sixty

Bed head. My emotions are right up underneath my eyes this week (a woman had to have invented sunglasses for this very reason), so this video couldn’t have come along at a better time. It might not be safe for work if your boss frowns upon a man dancing around joyously in his tighty whities, [...]


One of our faucets started leaking overnight, and this morning there was a wild tapestry of water droplets all over the sink. I took this photo with my phone. MY PHONE! That thing that used to hang on the wall with the rotary dial. But you don’t remember those because a Bush was president when [...]


Before you jump out of your seat with an OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Just stop for a second and think about how much more hopeless the world would be if people who would dare wear this dress didn’t exist. Leopard jacket: Nordstrom members only jacket Dress: Vintage Heels: Micheal Kors Clutch: H&M Chain necklace: [...]