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Stuff I found while looking around

Foot stools. – I am a cat and I sleep wherever I want. – Not enough cats? This should solve that problem. – A super serious project about dogs and physics – Photos of Famous Musicians Playing Sports – Jason makes a subtle and exquisite change to the design of his site and then goes [...]

Copper reflection

This is another shot I took with my phone that I can’t particularly fathom. The quality of the detail is so far superior to the first digital camera I ever used that, even though I’m no photographer, I have to agree with Annie Leibovitz. I’d recommend the iPhone as a camera to anyone.

Little Black Dress

There is something about the look on her face here that is a lot like the one Angelina gets when she’s all, BEHOLD. I AM ME AND YOU ARE NOT. Fur jacket: Vintage Black dress: ASOS Blue clutch: ASOS Black sling backs: Urban outfitters Black rings: Thrifted and market (You can find Cami here. Photos [...]