• tokenblogger

    That was the first time I’ve LOL’d while reading this blog in long time.

    Thanks, Tyrant!

  • 1greenblogger

    My mother told me it’s two clouds banging back together, after they split apart and let the lightning through. When I was twelve, and found out she wasn’t telling the truth, I was really, really mad at her.

  • ChickWhitt

    Duh, it’s really the angels in heaven bowling, and the thunder is when they get a strike.

    What kind of former Mormon are you anyway???


  • Gemmyner

    I’m with ChickWhitt. And I’m not Mormon nor was I ever Mormon.

    According to Wikipedia:”Thunder is the sound made by lightning.”

  • luv and kiwi

    @1greenblogger I swear it’s like you’re describing a fart :)

  • specialkrispy

    With ChickWhitt, I’m surprised that God or people in heaven bowling didn’t make it into this discussion. Wait, well, maybe not.

  • jan001

    When I got spooked about thunder and lightning when I was maybe 5, my mom – without missing a beat – said, “The thunder is just warning all the bunnies and squirrels and birds that it’s going to rain and then the lightning comes so they can see their way home in time.”

    Totally satisfied me. I was too little to extrapolate and do “what if”. I just stopped being scared.

    Many many years later I mentioned that story to her and told her how well it had done to stop me being afraid, and asked her if that’s what her mother had told her.

    “Hell, no. You caught me totally off-guard and I had to come up with something fast.”

    Well, nice save, Mom!

  • SparkleP

    I’m so glad you got custody of Tyrant. :*) Great story!

  • LadyJules

    Want to freak the kid out totally? Let her experience thundersnow! That’s some freaky shit!!

  • JenS

    I’m with everyone who said “angels bowling.” I believed my Mom for a long ass time on that one. Man, I was a stupid kid.

  • AimeeInSpain

    Heather, the first thing that came to mind when I read your first post was, “wow! she remembers her Earth Science lessons!!?” — gotta to say it’s a relief to know that you didn’t explain it correctly at all. Aren’t you lucky to have Tyrant?

  • Poele

    Good article, i like ^^

  • Janie1224

    I read a great thunder analogy for kids. That thunder is like when you get a small electric static shock sometimes from shuffling across the carpet and you hear a little snap. Only lightning is much bigger so it’s much louder.

  • geelizzie

    Yes, it is indeed the angels bowling, at least that’s what my dad always told us.

    We don’t get much thunder where I live either, and when we do every cat in the house is like WTF! Then they hide under the bed where it is safe.

  • LegosnEggos

    I can so relate to this post! I’ve got so many gaps in my knowledge — some that were always there and some that have eroded and split over the years since school ended. Thank God for kids to keep our synapses firing and friends to admonish us when we’re sincerely but lovably stupid, huh. :)