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“Glinting gems in the concrete I paved”

A few weeks ago I showcased a couple of songs from the band Delta Spirit who released a new album in March. I bought that album the day it was released and have listened to it nonstop since then, mostly in the car when I’m shuttling Leta to school or running errands (I gave up [...]

Portrait of bliss

You could wave a 40lb piece of raw meat two inches from this dog’s face and she’d completely ignore it if there was a tennis ball within her line of sight. Coco will fetch until she falls over. Sometimes it’s nice to live with a real dog.

May 2012


My good friend Stacia brought over her boys on Sunday to hang out for a couple of hours, including three-year-old Beck who very meekly asked Marlo to accompany him to the playhouse in the backyard. But Marlo was busy managing her truck stop OR SOMETHING and shut him down not so very elegantly. There is [...]