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Stuff I found while looking around

- First Position: a new award-winning dance documentary featuring some of the most talented young dancers in the world as they compete for ballet scholarships. – Houstoric project: current photos mixed with vintage photos of Houston. – Republicans, Get In My Vagina – Art of the Menu Menus are a light version of data visualization [...]

Every Mother Counts

Cami’s friend Susan Hanover has created four special edition bracelets 50% of the sales of which will go toward Every Mother Counts: As a mother of three I feel blessed every single day. I cannot imagine the fear and trepidation that accompanies so many mothers around the world as they go on to deliver their [...]


This is the view from the bottom of the tower at Trolley Square. Marlo wanted to climb all the way to the top, but I was like, sorry. That involves heights and I don’t do those.

The dreaded year

About two months after Leta turned three years old (during one of her epic, inimitable body-throwing tantrums) I remember thinking that I would rather have my vagina sewn shut than have another kid. Is that too gross? Over the line? If I stop right there and don’t mention balls or anal glands will you forgive [...]

The nerve

Chuck was trying to sunbathe when Coco realized she hadn’t been an asshole in the last thirty seconds.

In her eyes

This is the essence of Marlo… disheveled hair, round cheeks, eyes that redefine the color blue. My little butternut.

Peer Gynt

Just a little reminder that life and people can be wonderful.

Lime jorts

Sometimes you’re walking through a store and you see a pair of lime green shorts and you’re like, who in the hell would ever wear these? Now you know. Blouse: Thrifted (similar here) Purple vest: Vintage Lime jorts: F21 Red flats: Office (similar here) Red clutch: Vintage (similar here) Sunnies: ASOS Lipstick: MAC Girl About [...]


I thought this image was appropriate given yesterday’s post, if only to signify “light.” Lots of it.

For Jeff

Earlier today I was out running errands, and as I was waiting for an order to be filled I opened my phone to scroll through twitter. I immediately noticed a tweet about someone (@fedge) I follow who was in possible danger, and if anyone who lived in Seattle could contact the police, please do so [...]