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Free fiber

The apricots are finally ripening this week. Chuck is super, super stoked. He let me fire off six frames and then he leaned his head over and let it fall to the floor like, “You got what you needed. We’re done here.”


This was one of my favorite shots from the day trip to Montana last week. It reminds me of something my Aunt Lola would paint with oil on canvas. Maybe I’ll call her up and commission this and she can tell me about her bunions and irritable bowels.

Crochet Shorts

Um, I think the title says all you need to know about this one. In 1979 we had a macrame owl hanging on our wall in the living room, and it looked just like those shorts. Blouse: Thrifted (similar here) Crochet shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar here) Sandals: Urban Outfitters Clutch: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS Headband: ASOS [...]

That which rivals Disneyland

Today is the first day that it has rained in over a month, and we had plans to head up to the community pool with Carol and her kids. But, you know. Lightning and possible death and similar boring technicalities. Leta normally attends camp during the week, but since yesterday was a holiday I didn’t [...]

Rural America

In Wyoming we stayed in a motel right across from this house. It reminded me so much of when I was a kid spending vacations with cousins in Kentucky. Rural, rough around the edges and worn. Looks like it had a long day at work and just wants to settle in with a beer and [...]