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It’s working

Someone is absolutely in love with her new ladybug. If the ground underneath you shook just now you can blame it on my heavy sigh of relief.
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Heavy rotation

Several months ago I swore off any talk radio, including NPR, during the election season because…

Fortune teller

Choose a color, Chuck. Now a number. Now another number. Okay, let’s see what it says here: “You look like a dumbass.”
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The Mormon House

Early last night I was in the car with the girls when we drove by this, and Marlo starting screaming, “It’s de CAHP-EEE-TOLE! It’s de CAHP-EEE-TOLE!” I confirmed that it was indeed the capitol and proud that she could distinguish it from the temple. An…


Of all the illegal things I have done in my life (please take me seriously and tell my mom), acid isn’t one of them.

Goldy oldy

“I had to raid my bff Candice’s closet this morning. “

Too bad about that whole neutering thing

Who is my super happy gay dog, who?! WHO?!

Happy happy, joy joy

Is that the face of a kid having the time of her life, or what?

August 2012