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Stuff I found while looking around

Bad Little Children’s Books (I did a few of these myself back in 2006), words used in fanfiction to describe genitals and more.

Paperback writer

Who taught this kid how to hold a pencil?


“So excited so finally be able to wear little jackets! Dressing is so much more creative when you can add layers.”

New Tunes – Parlovr

Parlovr is a three man indie rock band out of Montreal, Quebec. There isn’t really a concise way to describe their sound…


And she was all, “Blah blah blah blah blah.”


I could not tell you what the hell her hair is doing in this photo, only that we need to get her some moisturizing conditioner STAT.

When you get to the bottom you go back to the top

Yesterday when I was looking back through my archives for the post I wrote about September, I realized oh, bleeeeeggggghhh. Last year at this time I was right in the middle of training for that marathon. I can’t even type that word without wincing. In …

Chuck’s take on the month of September

Because he can’t put his paw on his hip and yell, “Suck it.”

Into the wild

This is one of the windows in the basement.

Favorite jumpsuit

There are no words. There’s only: OMG WTF.