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“We run so others don’t have to”

A year ago this week I was mildly injured in probably seventeen different areas of my body…

November 2012

The Life and Love of Cats

UGH. I’m becoming a cat person, you guys.

You never know

This could totally be the girl you met online and started sexting.

This is the place

I took this a few hundred yards away from This Is The Place Park.

You can just call me Human Xanax

Leta: Mom, am I going to have to get braces?
Me: Hm… that’s not something we can really tell right now. We’ll have to wait until you’ve lost more teeth and see how they all grow in.
Leta: I’m scared to get braces. I really, really, really don’t want …

Buckle Up

I want someone to turn that jacket into a Snuggie and wrap me up like a burrito.


At some point Chuck is going to associate the camera with a treat…

I’m a total sthucker

Yes, I avoid processed foods and sugar in my diet, but that does not mean I won’t give in…

Something like that

A few months ago before cutting several costly cable channels from my bill I looked through the guide…