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Practical Paleo

Yeah, it’s a fad diet and you’re so disappointed that I am buying into this crap, right?

Wild thing

Does she make your heart sing? Because I could ship her to you and pay for the box and everything. I’d poke holes in the top. The works.


These are the hills that line the entrance to Emigration Canyon looking like a bowl of frosted Froot Loops.

Stuff I found while looking around

Mid-20th-century science fiction, NOLA Problems, Horror movies for your pets and more.

Boot camp

As much as I loathe cold weather, I much prefer my winter wardrobe over my summer one.

A quiet moment for Gracie

Last night my trainer had to put down her beloved 12-yr-old Pit Bull Gracie due to a recurrence of cancer in her mouth.


Such a beautiful moment, the two of them side by side about to create something magical.

Looking forward to a winter full of lisping

Arizona v. Utah v. Me.


I remember getting dressed up for holiday parties when I worked in an office (the parties themselves are a little blurred by dirty vodka martinis).


Sad little rainbow dog wants to come inside from the cold!