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Just your average kicks

The adventures that these shoes see and keep secret. I’m so insanely jealous of their eyes and ears.

New Tunes – Vacationer

Good luck trying to find any information on these guys, or maybe my googling skills are a little rusty.

Bad dog. Period.

Per Mommunist Nation’s comment on this post. I think he wears it nicely, no?

There’s a Seal song in here somewhere

Aaaaaaand… I just got that song stuck in your head. It’s stuck in mine now, too, so I’ll smack me upside the head for you.

That time of the month when I strangle my dog

Just a heads up that this could potentially be one of those posts where you’re going to want to finish…

Santa’s Little Helper

I know it’s only October, but COME ON. The resemblance is spooky. Tis the season.

Handmade sterling silver jewelry

Sam is a homemade jewelry designer from Montrose, Minnesota and runs the SD Marie Jewelry Etsy store.

School-sponsored vandalism

You can see a tiny bit of the U for the University of Utah on the mountain peeking up behind the trees.

After school special

Here’s one of those things they neglect to tell you when you take your baby home from the hospital…

Brings all the squirrels to the yard

The crabapple tree in the front yard is one of the last trees to keep its leaves.