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Four women and a Madonna concert

Back in January? February? A long, long time ago. We’ll just go with that. In a galaxy far away.

Keep pushing my love

I am in Phoenix with three of my good friends to catch Madonna in concert tonight.

Real watercolors

I guess I lost my mind and broke out actual watercolors for both of the girls, although you can imagine I was all over the situation like a hawk.

Hand-knit for winter

Jenny Rose is a 19-yr-old self-taught knitter working toward a degree in Retail Merchandising and Product Development.

Pet cemetery

Yesterday morning Marlo was desperate to play outside, so I told her she could head to the garage…


This dog needs to make up its mind between being totally deplorable and melting my heart.

Say what?

If Marlo lived in your house your dog would sleep with his ears on high alert just like this.


Cami, the zipper on your purse is open. I think the act of telling you this is exactly the same…

Sthqueezes with Sthquirtle!

Bless that cat’s heart and her admirable amount of patience. Our dogs are too big for Marlo to get in a hug like this…

New Tunes – Beth Orton

In 1997 I got to sit down and interview Beth Orton, an English folk singer-songwriter, for a local music magazine in Utah.