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Stuff I found while looking around

- Rodney Smith Photography – Batman Running Away From Shit – Gridiron League: Gridiron League is a collection of idealized NFL insignias that pay tribute to each team’s history and geography in a period-specific aesthetic that glorifies the Vince Lombardi-era over the Cold-Activated-era. This is not an exercise in nostalgia but an interpretation of the [...]

Dame Eleanor

You do remember her full name, right? And those eyebrows? Four years later and our lives still haven’t adjusted to her brand of crazy.


The last time I went to a beach on the Atlantic Ocean was seven years ago, so there was no way I was going to pass up the chance to get this close again. I miss that part of living in LA, being within driving distance to the sound of the water. If there is [...]

Hair, day sixty-eight

Hi. Today is not a good day. In fact, it’s pretty much just an awful piece of poop. However, I just watched this video of a National Geographic photographer’s encounter with an endangered Asian lioness and the tears I cried were mixed with good ones. This is so worth 4 minutes and 58 seconds of [...]

Goldy Hat

I think I donated that jean jacket to Goodwill in 1987, CAMI. Jean jacket: vintage Black button up: f21 Beaded shorts: Urban Outfitters Hat & scarf: thrifted Heels: Old Navy Clutch: ASOS Sunnies: ASOS (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)


I got to spend a couple of days in Massachusetts over the weekend and see some historical American sites including that place famous for witches. Lots of shops in Salem selling witch/magic supplies, one in particular that promised “excellence and authenticity.” THEY SO WEREN’T KIDDING. Two guys inside were having a discussion about their previous [...]

Welcome to Armstrong Inn, part five

Before I can wrap up the IKEA guest bedroom project I first have to introduce you to the newest member of our circus. Guys, meet Dane, a close friend of Tyrant and Chief Assembler of IKEA Bedroom Furniture. Dane started out as a close friend of Tyrant, but he very quickly become a close friend [...]

Sing us a song

Would you just look at that sad, misunderstood artist. He took it hard when I told him to stop writing odes to his missing balls.


Today is my brother’s 40th birthday. This is the two of us looking very much like a happy incestuous couple back in 1993. Happy birthday, big brother. One day I will forgive you for chasing me around the couch that one time and spitting a quarter-sized wad of spit across the room that landed on [...]

Her favorite

Back when I was collecting things for Marlo’s nursery I came across this Charley Harper wooden peg puzzle and bought it not knowing if she would ever have any interest in playing with it. It’s been more than two and half years, and even though she is a bit more interested in destroying things than [...]