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Definitely not for kids

Yeah. This puts it right over the edge. If your child is looking over your shoulder you could just tell him that they’re cuddling.

Favorite pastime

This kid loves her bubbles. In fact, she got over 10 bottles of bubbles for her birthday and she’s down to two less than a week later. This one came to a spectacular end when she accidentally dumped it on her head as she was climbing those wooden stairs in the back of the photo. [...]

“All great achievements require time”

A year ago this week I was in Bangladesh with the maternal health organization Every Mother Counts to visit clinics and observe programs that had been implemented by both private organizations and the government in slums and villages to improve the lives of women. Even though it’s a deeply cliché thing to say or write [...]

Studio portrait

I needed a photo of the both of them looking moderately sane so that if I ever have to put them on Craigslist no one will know the truth.

Summer staple

Since a reusable water bottle is pretty much part of my daily uniform, I haven’t used a water fountain in what seems like years. Which means that I haven’t even noticed them when passing by them in buildings. Happened to catch this one last week when out with the kids and I was immediately transported [...]

Party of the year

You know how summers go, right? Vacations, college reunions, family reunions, camp, hair implants, breast reduction surgery, that New Kids on the Block Cruise where you actually get to mingle with Jordan Knight. Schedules are crazy, am I right? You know what I’m talking about. Right now you’re thinking about how you had to take [...]


Okay. That’s two innuendoes in one post already. If I’m not careful this site won’t be safe for kids anymore!

Flashback Summer

“I know some of you are probably vomiting in your mouths right now because of this 80s dress, but I missed the 80s! I love finding vintage pieces and making them my own by throwing on some modern accessories and heels. The drapery, color, and pattern on this dress….so fun! Sorry for the flashback!” Cami, [...]

We need to work on her voguing

During Marlo’s birthday party a few of us were all holding cameras, and she didn’t know which one to look at. So she just stood straight like this, grinned and moved her eyes from left to right and back again. Like some weird animatronic child of the DSLR generation. Has there ever been a group [...]

Stuff I found while looking around

- This is what I always thought the future would look like. – Behind the scenes photos from the make-up artistry of Prometheus – 10 great TV spots directed by David Fincher – Oh, you have a herding dog, too? – Or just a plain old dog? – If at first you don’t succeed, try [...]