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Approaching the Hill

I’m just going to guess and say that I’ve been growing my hair out for over seven months. And because I know you really care about this important global issue, here is where things stand: It’s long enough that I can pull it into a small ponytail which has made working out a lot more [...]

Dame Eleanor Puffs

She looks so adorable in this photo that I almost feel guilty for constantly wanting to wring her neck. Almost.


This should pretty much take care of any respect you had left for this dog.

Let Down

Been a long day away from the computer and I’m right now manning Marlo’s door because I put her to bed only an hour ago and she’s tried to get out six times already (after I marched her back to bed for the second time she screamed for over two minutes, “YOU HURT MY FEEEEELIIIIINGS! [...]

A one man war

I think my mother put my name on the prayer list at the temple because Marlo slept all the way through the night. I’m not delusional in thinking this will happen every night, but it happened once. I can see the white of her flag of surrender.

No one tell Marlo

… but someone likes her Pillow Pet even more than she does.

Metallic Lover

That purse needs a chihuahua sticking out of it PRONTO. Dress: Vintage (similar here) Heels: ASOS Clutch: Vintage (similar here) Necklace: Susan Hanover Designs (enter DOOCE at checkout for 50% off until July 31) Sunnies: House of Harlow (You can find Cami here. Photos by Billy Concha.)

She drew first blood

Last week I was pulling into the parking lot at my hair salon when I got a text from my cousin McKenzie: “So Marlo just climbed out of her bed and opened the door… she doesn’t want to take a nap. What should I do?” Hahahaha! Good times! What should you do? Hmmm… let’s see… [...]

I live here

I ran this photo through the desktop version of Snapseed (an application I normally only use on my phone) to try and get a vintage postcard look. I wanted the feel of something you’d come across in a box of your mother’s old belongings: old notes and letters and postcards from that time she visited [...]


Before anyone is like, wait, is she wearing a black bra underneath that transparent shirt? Just let me go ahead and answer DUH. Blouse: F21 Skirt: Zara (similar here) Heels: F21 (similar here) Bag: Vintage Glasses: Warby Parker Evil eye necklace: Susan Hanover Designs (50% off any purchase until July 31. Enter DOOCE at checkout!) [...]