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Catching up with civilization

I finally caught up with 2012 and joined Pinterest, you guys. I avoided it as long as I could because, as a visual person, I could see someone discovering my emaciated, dead body sprawled on top of my laptop having just spent two entire weeks doing not…

Butternut and Boo

You can almost see a smile on Chuck’s face, like, FINE…

I am a horrible person

At the birthday party on Saturday Marlo got a balloon poodle.

It is decidedly so

On Friday Leta came up to the office while I was working, sat down in the empty chair next to my desk and asked, “Mom, do you know what a Magic 8 Ball is?”

Red and yellow

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that skirt on the cover of a Sesame Street DVD. On Burt.


Saturday we attended a three-year-old’s birthday party where the kids got to jump on a trampoline and eat chocolate cupcakes. There was also a man there making balloon figures — animals, swords, and hats. My friends all got hats made and then forced …

Purple pet

Leta’s pet fish Turtle is still swimming strong despite the fact that she forgets he exists about ten minutes after I remind her that he needs to eat. The fascination of having her own pet lasted about an hour. Thank god we did not get an animal that r…

Stuff I found while looking around

Chris Piascik, independent illustrator and designer, going public with depression and more.

Living with animals

This is the thanks I get for cleaning up mountains of vomit for two days in a row. Let’s just say that at the top of my shopping list right now is LIDDED TRASHCAN so that a certain canine can no longer access tampon applicators.
click image above to se…

Smirky, Sassy, Classy Sequins

Yes, sometimes Cami puts something on and you’re like SHE IS PROOF THERE IS LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS.