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Little black dress

I love it most when Cami styles herself to look like an actress from the Sixties, even though she’s Eighties to the core.

Sthanding in the sthand

This wily creature can look up at you just like this and make you instantly forget that not ten minutes before she was trying to bite a chunk of flesh out of her sister’s arm.

As part of my calling in life

I was very recently invited to be on the Board of Directors for the Utah division of NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and attended my first meeting last week…

Ready for the catwalk

Chuck is modeling the new flats I bought on sale this weekend, first shoe purchase since March. I needed something closed-toe for the cooler weather.

Handcrafted jewelry

I’m drawn to the simplicity and elegance of these pieces of handcrafted jewelry from the Vivid by Esther Etsy shop.

Duck duck

Swimming in the sky. Looking at this and taking a much needed moment to breathe this morning.

Their crazy Southern mother

Saturday afternoon I took the girls to see my father’s new house out on the southwest side of the valley in a neighborhood that abuts a planned community with gardens, parks, swimming pools, and a freshwater lake. Toward the end of our visit we drove …

Purple trench

Looked like a purple people eater to me!

The subtle differences

One dog is allowed on the porch off leash. The other one doesn’t have a penis.


It is a very rare occasion these days when Leta turns to me, sees me taking shots …