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So, Leta did this to her sister and herself. But don’t worry, Mom! IT’S WASHABLE. I don’t really care one whit but I’m terribly disappointed that she didn’t think to draw any skulls.

New Tunes – Angus and Julia Stone

It’s kind of a twofer this week because first up is a brother and sister duo and then it’s the sister’s solo effort, both equally a total damn pleasure to listen to. Angus and Julia are an Australian acoustic folk-pop combo, and their latest album Down the Way released in 2010 was pretty much a [...]

Custom thank you cards

A little over two years ago I featured Jeni Shirley’s work after receiving one of her cards in the mail. She’s a fellow Utahn who has built a small business out of hand-stitching intricate images onto cards. It’s called Stitched and I love it so much I want to wrap my arms around it and [...]

Making confetti

Leta and Marlo spent about half an hour this morning cutting construction paper into tiny pieces that they could throw into the air to simulate a party. I sat nearby to make sure that the scissors didn’t turn their celebration into a bloody emergency room visit, and my god. My kid is exquisite.


Chuck is sporting these women’s boots that I recently got on sale, and he is so impressed with how well they complement both jeans and shorts. And I’m like, I know, right?

Dinner etiquette

My cousin Mckenzie who usually watches Marlo during the day has been out of town this week, so Cami stepped in to provide childcare. Cami and her brother used to share a car, and I’m not sure what the exact story is behind why they no longer have that car, so let’s just pretend that [...]


I was going to ROAR when I saw her leggings but realized they were snakeskin and not leopard and that’s not the sound a snake makes. And now a zoologist is going to write to tell me that a leopard doesn’t roar EITHER, HEATHER. FINE. SSSSSSSSS! Poncho: Thrifted (similar here & here) Snake leggings: H&M [...]


I said, “Marlo! Look! That flower has your middle name!” She squealed and said, “I’M A FWOWER!” And thus concludes today’s reason for living.


The highlight of my weekend up at MaxFunCon (when I was able to stop feeling sorry for myself, put on clothes and remind myself that even if the bottom totally falls out and I end up back in my mother’s basement, I will have so much content to write about stealing my stepfather’s bologna and [...]


Just in case you guys forgot what my assistant/dungeon master looks like. As in almost all pictures I’ve ever posted of him he is wearing a blue button-down shirt. I once saw him outside of work and he was wearing a really cute outfit, and it was like seeing your seventh grade teacher at the [...]