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“Let’s go!”

If the eleven-year-old Heather could witness this future she’d totally forgive the fact that she ended up living in Utah.


No animal was injured in the unwrapping of this Christmas morning.

And lo, it was good

Santa is obviously a huge fan of Pinterest, you guys. What a sheep.

2013 in words and photos

The year I took more smiling self-portraits than any other, so something either has to be working or terribly broken.

Seasons greetings

Despite all appearances, we are not hunkered down here with guns and cannons and flaming menorahs.

Carolyn and Lem

And early Christmas present of friends from my childhood.

Stuff I found while looking around

This week’s link roundup featuring a ton of year-end nostalgia.

Foreign language

The evil of motion pictures and why I should have raised them on an isolated farm where they have to churn their own butter.

The annual December whomping

Well, not so much of a whomp as a plop, but it’s looking like a white Christmas.

Top fifteen tracks of 2013

Out of all the music that I was fortunate enough to discover this year, these are my favorite songs of the bunch.